Yue Tang

Research intern

I’ve been working at NSG BME Lab since Sep. 2019. I am a senior undergraduate student, major in Biomedical Engineering at Zhejiang University, China.

Our current project employs non-invasive technologies, to investigate cerebral functions for a better understanding of Alzheimer’s disease. The technologies include Superficial Temporal Artery Tonometry (STAT), Near-infrared Spectroscopy (NIRS), EEG, ECG, etc.

My research centers around multi-modality signal processing based on non-invasively collected data. More specifically, my work includes cerebral auto-regulation (CAR) analysis, blood pressure prediction based on the LSTM model and data fusion.

Also, I’ve been working on vessel imaging enhancement. In order to gain reasonable STAT data, we need to place pressure sensors on top of superficial arterial vessels. But since it’s hard to tell with bare eyes, I apply imaging enhancement algorithms to better locating desired vessels.

Recently, I’ve been taking part in medical experiments on the main campus of MGH. The valuable data collected from the patients has been giving us insight on how to improve our system under the medical circumstances and practical understanding of the neural diseases.

Phone: 530-220-3093
Email: YTANG6@mgh.harvard.edu
Location: Rm 10.056, 149 13th St, Boston, MA